Jasper aligns with IBM on IoT platform

Jasper's Control Center platform will be integrated into IBM's applications and cloud.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

IBM will integrate Internet of things management platform provider Jasper into its services foundational applications, under a partnership.

The alliance allows enterprise customers to develop IoT applications and deploy them through connected devices on Jasper's platform, dubbed Control Center. IBM is also looking to plug in its analytics tools.

Jasper operates a cloud-based IoT platform to manage services and endpoints. Jasper has 2,700 companies on its platform as well as connections to mobile network operators.

  • Under the partnership the two companies hope to:
  • Cover end-to-end deployments and app development.
  • Automate operations and deliver analytics.
  • Provide a central dashboard and visibility.

Vendors have been racing to provide more IoT management capabilities to enterprises.

Here's a snapshot of where Jasper sits in the IoT management stack.

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