Jawbone released Android app for Up, becomes my prime life tracker

Most fitness devices launched with support for iOS, but we are finally starting to see more updates for Android devices. Jawbone just released the Up application for Android.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Jawbone released Android app for UP, becomes my prime life tracker
Image: Jawbone

Readers know I am a big fan of life activity trackers, and thanks to being the first to support Android and iOS, I have been using the Fitbit One for a couple months. Nike killed plans for Android, so now my Fuelband sits idle. I am extremely pleased to pass along the news that Jawbone added Android support and will be put back on my wrist again.

I wrote about the new Jawbone Up and purchased the light blue one as soon as it became available. I see they now have more colors available, including black, mint green, blue, light grey, and navy blue. I was going to hold out for navy blue, but the light blue one was available first. The Jawbone Up is available for $129.99.

The new Android app (Google Play Store link) functions just like the iOS app. I had planned on testing it on the HTC One, but unfortunately, the Up doesn't appear to work with the HTC One. It runs just fine on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. You can view the Up device compatibility list to see if your device is supported. I will do more testing as I use my Up with Android moving forward. I do have an iPhone 5, but it isn't always with me, and my Galaxy Note II is my primary device on T-Mobile.

Jawbone shared the following data results from the Up community:

  • People get the most sleep on the weekends

  • User are most engaged in logging meals on Mondays

  • Data has shown that activity doesn't necessarily mean working out: Users get the most steps on Fridays, but workout most on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays

  • Users take the least steps on Saturdays and Sundays.

I actually take more steps on the weekends since I tend to take long runs on Saturday and Sunday. I completely agree with the sleep on the weekends statistic.

Travis Bogard, Jawbone vice president of product management and strategy, stated:

We are excited to expand the Up community by introducing support for Android, 11 new languages for iOS, and product availability in more than 25 additional countries around the world. Everyone wants to improve upon themselves; we've found this to be a fundamental human desire, no matter where a person is starting from or what they want to achieve. Today marks a big step toward our commitment to help people establish a basis for behavior change by bringing Up to everyone who wants to live better lives.


I am a big fan of these types of devices, and find when they are with me that I do take the stairs more often and tend to get up and move more frequently. I look forward to using my Up again with the HTC One (when it is supported) and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Jawbone also announced that the Up is available internationally in Europe, with Asia, Australia, and the Middle East coming next month.

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