Jawbone releases UP 3.0 app for Android with support for new UP24 band

Just a couple months after the iOS release, Jawbone is now rolling out their UP 3.0 app for Android devices so you can now use the UP24 band with your favorite Android device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Jawbone releases UP 3.0 app for Android with support for new UP24 band
Image: Jawbone

I was quite excited about the Jawbone UP24 with wireless connectivity back in December, but disappointed it was only available for iOS. I moved back to my older generation UP after getting rid of my iPhone 5s so I was very pleased to see Jawbone release the Android version (Google Play Store link) of the Jawbone 3.0 app today that now works with the UP24.

The UP24 has performed flawlessly for me for the last couple of months, but after handing off my iPhone 5s to my daughter I had to go back to my older UP. I tried moving to my Fitbit One last weekend since it supports wireless syncing to my awesome Moto X, but I forgot it twice in my pants pocket and the stupid thing didn't record my 4 mile run.

The wristband form factor wearable works much better for me and the UP24 is so comfortable I don't even realize it is on my wrist. Now that they have support for Android devices I am seriously considering picking up the persimmon (orange) model because I like that color and I also like using it as a conversation piece to discuss mobile life trackers.


Having the wireless connectivity really makes the UP24 even more useful than the headset jack-connected UP as you get real-time data updates and insights to help you reach your goals or compete in challenges. These small nudges really do help and over an entire year that can add up to a better overall lifestyle.


It is not easy to develop for the Android platform, as we recently saw with the Pebble so I really appreciate when companies work to get their app working on a platform other than iOS. Jawbone released an Android app for their 2nd generation UP last year right as Nike dropped their promise of an Android app so Jawbone earned my money then and will now as well. Kudos for companies working to get wireless syncing support on Android and I know it came a couple months after iOS, but at least it is now here.

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