Jobs in digital media now second to newspapers

Ad Age has analyzed the job numbers and digital media companies have become the second largest media sector employers. But what are the new jobs? Are they low-paid "press release" flippers?
Written by Tom Foremski, Contributor

Ad Age reports:

Internet media this year became the media industry's second-largest employment sector, according to Ad Age DataCenter's analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

One in six people employed in the U.S. media industry now work for internet-media businesses, according to Ad Age's analysis.

Employment at U.S. internet-media businesses in July passed staffing in broadcast TV. Internet-media employment earlier passed magazines, radio and cable TV.

The only U.S. media sector with more employees: newspapers. But papers over the past 12 months have cut an average of 1,400 jobs a month while internet-media businesses have added an average 400 jobs a month.

Employment at U.S. internet-media businesses has soared 54% from its pre-recession level. Meanwhile, overall U.S. media employment is 18% below where it stood before the 2007-2009 recession.

You can also view an infographic here.

What's missing is how much each job pays. Is it the case that higher paying jobs are being replaced by lower paying "press release flippers" as in the service economy with its "hamburger flippers"?

Also, newspapers have a lot of digital media jobs but does this survey take those into account? It seems as if it just looks at newspaper companies versus Internet-media companies. Newspaper or electron, it shouldn't matter where the jobs are but rather what the jobs are.


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