John McAfee reportedly lands in hospital after attack

The colorful security head says he was in an incident where someone attempted to allegedly "off" him.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

John McAfee has ended up in hospital after what may have been an attack.

On 22 July, his wife Janice McAfee posted an alarming statement on Twitter, saying that "My husband is still breathing," without adding much more context to the post.


Following queries, Mrs. McAfee followed up by saying "He's recuperating from an externally imposed medical issue but he will be in touch soon," and implied that other people were involved with the comment "They will be f***** up."

McAfee was meant to attend FreedomFest but was hospitalized before the event.

According to the executive himself, someone attempted to "off" him, but as he is cheerily posting on Twitter days later, the alleged attempt was obviously unsuccessful.


The eccentric executive is the founder of McAfee Associates, known for McAfee antivirus software, which was acquired by Intel for $7.68 billion in 2010. The company was then spun off to create a new joint venture between Intel and TPG in 2016 called McAfee.

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McAfee resigned from his post at McAfee in 1994. After starting up a new company, MGT Capital Investments, McAfee and Intel became embroiled in a lawsuit over the use of the trademark McAfee.

This case was dismissed after the entrepreneur agreed not to use McAfee in a company name, but he reserved the right to do so in advertising, promotions, and presentations.

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McAfee has had something of a colorful and hectic life. In 2012, he was wanted for questioning over the death of his neighbor and fled his home in Belize -- although he was never a suspect -- and in 2016, the executive made a bid for the presidency in the United States, eventually failing to secure the nomination by the Libertarian party.

Producer Showtime created and ran a documentary at the Toronto International Film Festival which accuses McAfee of getting away with not one but two murders and McAfee has hit back by calling the film a "fabrication from beginning to end."

Whatever took place, in McAfee's latest update on the microblogging platform he said he had "Never, in my life, been better."

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