​Kakao AI platform to go in POSCO, GS smart homes

The construction firms POSCO and GS will build smart home apartments that will use Kakao I, the artificial intelligence platform of South Korea's largest chat firm.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

South Korean mobile chat giant Kakao has signed cooperation agreements with construction companies POSCO E&C, POSCO ICT, and GS E&C to build apartments for smart homes that use the Kakao I AI platform, the companies announced.

With POSCO E&C and its IT service affiliate POSCO ICT, Kakao will co-develop a chat-based home control service to allow users to control their home from the outside, the companies said.

GS E&C will apply voice recognition and natural language processing technology to its Xi brand of apartments. Home owners will be apple to use their wall pads, smartphones, or Kakao Mini to control lighting, gas, temperature, and ventilation in their apartment.

They will be able to do this through voice commands or the Kakao chat app. They will also be able to pay maintenance fees using Kakao Pay, Kakao's mobile payment service.

Kakao I, the South Korean chat giant's multi-purpose AI platform, combines voice and visual recognition engines and natural language recognition processing and suggesting technology.

The firm is planning to launch Kakao Mini, its AI powered speaker, by next month.

Last month, Kakao announced a partnership with car giant Hyundai to use the platform for in-car speech recognition.

The chat giant said it will apply the platform to products and services, with the "Kakao I Inside" logo attached to them.

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