​Kakao launches map service with 3D sky view

Kakao, the operator of South Korea's KakaoTalk chat app, has launched a new map service that supports 3D sky view and uses a 'vector system' for more accurate mapping.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Kakao, the operator of South Korea's most popular chat app KakaoTalk, has launched a new map service for Android.

The map app is a revamp of Daum Map launched in 2009 and adds the latest mapping technology and data collected by Kakao, the company said. Kakao and Daum, South Korea's second-largest search cite operating, merged in 2014.



Kakao said the map service is South Korea's first that uses a vector system, where map data is uploaded in real time from servers to allow users a 3D rotation, rather than conventional flat zoom in and out.

By swiping two fingers up and down on the screen, the map will tilt to show buildings proportionate to their real height. Circling two fingers on the screen will rotate the map.

3D sky view, another special feature of Kakao Map, was done through 3D spatial data received from the country's transport ministry through an MOU in July. The map draws the simulacrum using data, instead of filming from satellites.

The service can only be used for cities of Seoul and Seongnam for now but will be expanded going forward to other areas.

The map also provides transportation times for destinations, weather information, and suggestions for restaurants and theater schedules nearby.

An iOS version will be launched within the year.

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