​Kakao to start closed beta test for AI open builder

South Korean chat giant Kakao has kicked off the closed beta test for its AI development tool Kakao I Open Builder that will allow participants to create chat bots and voice services.

South Korean chat giant Kakao has started the closed beta test (CBT) for its AI open development tool, the company announced.

Those who wish to participate in the Kakao I Open Builder CBT can apply through eight designated agencies via the homepage.

Kakao commenced the beta testing last October.

Applicants will be the first to use Kakao I, the firm's AI platform, to build chat bots or voice services that can be used on Kakao Mini, the chat giant's AI speaker.

The company said it will show off various types of chat bot that come out of the CBT before the official launch sometime this year.

Kakao is already operating various chat bots with its enterprise partners, who use Kakao Talk, the firm's chat app, to advertise their products and services to subscribers.

The company is working with Samsung to sync their respective AI platforms, Kakao I and Bixby. Kakao is also working with car giant Hyundai on in-car voice recognition.

Kakao owns various lifestyle mobile platforms, including news aggregation, banking, wire transfer, securities exchange, games, and navigation. It is attempting to integrate AI into them, one by one.

Earlier this week, it announced that it was forming a blockchain subsidiary.


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