​Midas IT launches AI recruitment solution

The Korean firm's inAIR solution automates the recruitment process and uses AI to conduct online interviews.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Midas IT's inAIR solution conducts automated online interviews for recruitment using AI.

(Image: Cho Mu-Hyun)

South Korean company Midas IT has launched an enterprise solution that allows clients to use artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct recruitment interviews.

inAIR automates the application process and uses an AI bot dubbed MIGHTY to conduct applicant interviews.

MIGHTY asks questions and conducts games for the interviewee who can start the interview at any computer with a camera and microphone.

The AI reads the interviewee's vitals through facial recognition and can determine whether he or she is being truthful by analysing voice tone and verbal patterns.

It also reads the emotion and expression of the interviewee by analysing 68 muscles in the face.

Game results will also allow it to suggest the best department the recruit is suited for. It also collects and analyses the words used by the interviewee and can throw in surprise questions.

The games, based on studies in neurology, are designed to map the interviewee's prefrontal cortex to find out his or her temperament and aptitude. MIGHTY has meta-analysed 450 academic papers on neurology.

Midas IT also collected data from employees of other companies -- those of high performers and low -- to set standards for quantifying competence needed for jobs. It collected data of 3,082 employees from 28 firms.

The interview is recorded and the client is offered a report that shows the applicant's score, most-used key words, ranking among total interviewees, and suggestions for positions.

Midas IT said it used the solution for its own recruitment for the second half of last year. The solution took 10,200 applicants, interviewed 10,000, and finally selected 30.

The firm said it showed accuracy of 82 percent to find high-performing talent. Conventional structured interviews had a validity between 30 to 40 percent while unstructured interviews had 10 percent, and inAIR's was far superior, Midas IT said.

The solution is provided by the cloud and sales will begin this week. It is part of the firm's Midas HRi solutions, which also include inHR, a performance measuring module for employees.

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