Keyboard Mod for Moto Z: Bringing a landscape keyboard of the past to a modern smartphone

Motorola has achieved success with the modularity of the Moto Z and is working to promote innovative mods. The Keyboard Mod may be coming in a couple of months and is the most popular campaign in the Transform the Smartphone challenge.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: Liangchen Chen

The Moto Z line of smartphones, including the Verizon Moto Z Force Droid, are excellent smartphones as they are. However, the ability to quickly slap on a Moto Mod and transform your smartphone into something else is innovative and compelling.

The great thing about the Moto Mod system is that you don't have to limit your phone to one type of expansion and use it all of the time. You can turn your phone into a boom box with a JBL speaker mod, watch movies with family and friends with the projector, and more.

Motorola is excited about the Moto Mods prospects and has held different events to promote Moto Mods and its SDK.

The current leader in the Indigogo Transform the Smartphone Challenge is the Keyboard Mod, with nearly $93,000 raised by nearly 800 backers. I backed this project as I would love to have the option to use a landscape QWERTY keyboard on the Moto Z.

I have a small collection of the most compelling PDAs and smartphones that I have owned over the last 20 years and one of them includes a brown T-Mobile Touch Pro2. The large landscape QWERTY keyboard set this device apart from others, and the upcoming Moto Z Keyboard Mod looks and functions in a similar manner.

Image: Liangchen Chen

The Keyboard Mod offers a five row landscape QWERTY keyboard. It is backlit and slides out from under the Moto Z to tilt from 0 to 45 degrees.

The retail price is planned at $120, but you can still back this project at half the price and get your Moto Mod for $60.

We should hopefully see this Moto Mod launch during the planned summer completion period.

These landscape keyboards offer better spacing and larger keys than BlackBerry portrait keyboard devices. This keyboard also supports customizable shortcuts so you will be able to do a lot without having to touch the display.

There are only five days left in this campaign, so check it out if you are interested in easily adding a full QWERTY keyboard to your Moto Z.

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