Kobo eReader now available for pre-order at Borders

The $149.99 Kobo eReader will be shipping in time for Father's Day and is currently available for pre-order at Borders online store. The reader is excellent and the Kobo software is available on multiple platforms so you are not limited in how you enjoy the ebooks.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As an ebook fan I have purchased titles through various online vendors for years and am happy to finally find a primary source for purchasing content that I can then read on my iPhone, Google Android, iPad, Palm webOS, B&N Nook and Sony Reader devices. Kobo is my new home for content and thus I am happy to report that their new Kobo eReader (see my first look article) is now available for pre-order with delivery to occur before Father's Day. The Kobo eReader can be purchased for $149.99 and if you want an excellent 6 inch eInk device for reading then I highly recommend you take a look at this device. If I did not have my Nook then I would pre-order mine today.

There is no WiFi or 3G capability in the Kobo eReader, but there is capacity to load up 1000 ebooks so there is no worry or concern about ever having enough content to read before you can connect and load up more with your PC or Mac. The wireless capability is a nice luxury to have, but as I have written about before it is not essential for the person who wants a disconnected, focused reading experience, much like a standard paper book. They do have Bluetooth wireless that currently works with their BlackBerry client to get content wirelessly and this is actually a very interesting way to add this capability that I personally find appealing and hope it comes to their other mobile clients.

I imagine I will be buying one or two of these this holiday season for my daughters to use, especially with the support for Adobe Digital Editions and public library books. You will soon see the Kobo eReader in Borders stores so I think it will do pretty well once the public gets their hands on it. Once they also understand that you can read the books on multiple devices, they may want a consistent reading experience across all their gear.

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