Kylo browser brings the web to your TV without the squint

Kylo brings the web to your TV without requiring you to squint. Is there a need for this type of offering with tablets going mainstream and game systems already offering a built-in browsing experience?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Hillcrest Labs has announced the launch of Kylo, a free web browser designed specifically for surfing your computer from your TV. Using a Mozilla-based browser, Kylo lets the millions of users who are already connecting PCs and Macs to their TVs now view web-based content from their couch, without squinting. The "no squint" technology is made possible via an optimized presentation of web sites for viewing from the couch, and is completely cross platform for both Windows and Mac users.

I love the concept of Kylo and have seen a few different implementations over the years, with my favorite being Boxee. The biggest issue around this type of offering is which content will actually be delivered. The fan favorite tends to be Hulu, and with Hulu still not delivering its own box, we're forced to use Hulu via a browser-based RSS feed option. Boxee continues to go back and forth with Hulu on officially supporting the feed, and according to Hillcrest Labs, their Kylo offering was showing Hulu perfectly until they went officially live. Since that time it seems to no longer play Hulu and there's no word on if this is because Hulu is now blocking Kylo.

Check out a couple of screens of Kylo in action below:


With the iPad, HP Slate and other tablets coming to market, is there going to be a need to view the computer on your TV?

UPDATE: Kylo is still not able to play Hulu content. The interface is fantastic and in some cases faster and better than Hulu's, but when you get to the final stage of actually pressing play you're greeted with the message below:


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