Larry Ellison delivers Oracle's next autonomous database tool, more AWS trash talk

Oracle CTO Larry Ellison unveils autonomous transaction processing, while expressing skepticism Amazon can move to its own database services.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Oracle CTO Larry Ellison Tuesday unveiled the latest component of Oracle's autonomous database, autonomous transaction processing.

Oracle first introduced its autonomous database in October of last year, in conjunction with an automated cybersecurity system. Then in March, the Silicon Valley giant announced the general availability of the Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud, a service that uses machine learning to enable fast and simple data warehousing. With the introduction of the autonomous transaction processing service, the database also optimizes itself for transactions, Ellison explained Tuesday.


"Between these two systems," he said, "the Oracle autonomous database now handles all of your workloads."

Ellison compared the new service to Amazon Web Services' Aurora, claiming that it is 12x faster, even with "Aurora at its best." Ellison said, "The second you have a mixed workload on Aurora, we're 100 times faster."

The outspoken CTO took some extra jabs at AWS, as he has in the past -- this time in response to a report that Amazon plans to move completely off Oracle by 2020. "I don't think they can do it," he said.

While migrating Amazon's workloads would certainly be a lengthy endeavor, Ellison said, "They've had 10 years to get off Oracle, and they're still on Oracle."

He added, "They think of themselves as a competitor. It's kind of embarrassing when Amazon uses Oracle." Ellison noted that another competitor, SAP, also has cloud applications running on Oracle.

Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Ellison's remarks.

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