Last minute audio tech for the holidays

Zone out from the chaos around you this holiday season, and tune in to the sounds you want to, or make and manage calls, with this selection of compact and loud audio tech.
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Last minute audio tech for the holidays zdnet

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Tribit wireless FlyBuds – $54.99

The three different tip options give a range of different sizes to sit snug in the ear. They have a good range of sounds and rich bass without being tinny.

The case automatically charges the ear buds when they are placed back into the holder. Pairing to a device is quick and easy and there is hardly any distortion away from the device whilst playing.

You can also configure each ear bud to connect to a different device. Although the sound will be mono, two people can listen to the device they choose.

The ear buds deliver about 5 hours play time -- although I only used them for a couple of hours at a time. The case holds enough charge for them to charge a further six times giving up to 30 hours battery life. They are sweat-proof too if you want to use these for sport.

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Last minute audio tech for the holidays zdnet

Destek wireless ear buds $39.99

The Destek wireless ear buds have ear hooks to help secure the ear buds in your ear. The ear buds will give up to 8 hours playing time, but the charging case holds up to seven more charges when the ear buds are replaced into the case giving up to 65 hours playing time.

This means that you have several days music before you need to recharge the case and buds.These IPX7 waterproof ear buds can wirelessly charge too, and there are 3 different tips to ensure comfort when listening.

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Last minute audio tech for the holidays zdnet

Poweradd Musicfly II Bluetooth Speaker – $49.99

The Poweradd speaker is loud. Its small form factor packs in 36W of sound from its 2 x 13W drivers and 2 x 5W subwoofers.  I like speakers with rich bass and this delivers a good range of sound throughout. It is a compact speaker at only 6.81 inches high and it weighs 2.3 pounds.

This is a solid speaker which is IPX7 rated, so if you accidentally drop this in the bath, it will still work – and even continue to play music underwater. Crank this up to the max for a really good sound

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Last minute audio tech for the holidays zdnet

EarFun wireless ear buds – $49.99

These noise cancelling ear buds deliver a great range of sound with no distortion when away from the device. They also have TWS -- True Wireless Stereo -- and pair quickly to your device. There are three ear tips for a secure fit, although I did not find these as comfortable as the Tribit speakers.

These ear buds are a bit trebly for me -- and the bass did not come up too high at all making me feel that they were a little tinny on some tracks. However, I am a bass fan and your ears might love the rich sounds these speakers deliver.

These IPX7 waterproof ear buds have over six hours playing time from a charging time of under two hours, and usefully, the carrying case can be charged wirelessly. You can charge the ear buds from the case a further four times, giving up to 30 hours total play time.

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Last minute audio tech for the holidays zdnet

Defunc True GO wireless ear buds – $39.95

These ear buds have an unusual fit. Instead of an ear hook, these ear buds have a heel on the bud to keep it secure whilst listening to your sounds. The ear buds will give about three hours of play time and the carry case will charge the buds for another four charges giving up to 12 hours play time.

These ear buds are only rated IPX4 -- which means that they are splash-proof and sweat-proof -- but do not get them too close to running water. They are reminiscent of Air Pods -- but at a considerably cheaper price. The shape of the cone focuses the sound into your ear canal so you get a really loud sound when the ear buds are fitted correctly.

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Last minute audio tech for the holidays zdnet
Puro Sound Labs

Puro Sound Labs PuroBasic volume limiting wired headphones for kids – $19.99

The PuroBasic wired headphones limit sound to 85db so that children can not turn the sound up too much and potentially damage their hearing. The headphones are wired so they will fit any device that has a 3.5mm jack.

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