Latest iPhone and iPad update is a toxic hellstew of bugs

iPhone and iPad users are claiming that iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 are riddled with bugs causing severe battery drain and reboots.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Have you updated to iOS 13.5 or iPadOS 13.5? If not, you might want to hold off, because Apple's back to releasing buggy updates.

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 releases have been a bit up and down. The 13.2 release was particularly ugly and frustrating. Things settled down a bit after that, but the latest 13.5 release may be up there as one of the worst updates Apple has pushed out to iPhones and iPads in a long time.

The first issue appears to be a battery drain problem. It's not uncommon for iOS and iPadOS updates to cause a bit of a dip in battery life, but social media is awash with people complaining of poor battery life. Even iPhone 11 Pro Max users are complaining, which is quite rare because that device has a pretty big battery.

There are also reports of users complaining about overheating.

I have come across both problems, and no amount of tweaking seems to help.

These are going to have to wait for an update.

But there's more ugliness.

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I've noticed since installing iPadOS 13.5 that my iPad Pro sometime reboots shortly after logging in. Some are reporting that their iPads are stuck in a reboot loop, while others claim the problem goes back to iPadOS 13.4.1.

There are also sporadic reports of iPhones running iOS 13.5 rebooting or being stuck in reboot loops.

Another 13.5 problem that seems to date back to the 13.4.1 release is that MP4 playback is broken, with both native and third-party apps affected. 

A message common to this problem is "There's a problem loading this content."

If you've not upgraded to 13.5 yet, it might be a good time to hold back. If you have, you'll have to ride out these bugs until Apple gets them sorted.

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