Leapster really does make learning fun

SF Chronicle writer: 'Our son thinks he's been creating his own monster or racing underwater. In fact, he's been learning how letters combine to make words and how to add and subtract.'
Written by ZDNET Editors, Contributor

Parents of kindergartners take heart, there is a handheld educational game machine that you can actually feel good about giving your youngster, reports David Lazarus in this week's San Francisco Chronicle.

Leapster, from LeapFrog Enterprises produces a number of game titles geared towards differing skill level, but according to Lazarus, with Leapster, his son is learning without even knowing it.

"Our son thinks he's been playing games that allow him to create his own monsters or zip along an undersea race track. In fact, he's been learning how letters combine to create simple words, how to recognize color patterns, and how to add and subtract," says in the review.

LeapFrog won toy of the year honors this year for its innovative Fly Pentop Computer. And the company has high hopes for the Leapster game machine.

"A child will never fail playing one of our games," Bunney said. "We create highly replayable games that kids keep coming back to," said Maureen Bunney, LeapFrog's vice president of product development and publishing.
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