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Learn to streamline daily processes and level up productivity by mastering Linux and Git for under $20

The very definition of working smarter instead of harder is accomplishing more with less effort and, preferably, in less time. And all you need are exactly the right skills.
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Nothing beats getting through a workday as smoothly and efficiently as possible, with no wasted time or effort. If you're using Linux or Git or would like to, then The Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle will show you how to use both to their absolute best possible advantage.

Gain access to Live Linux Lab and learn everything you need to work efficiently in Linux, as well as how to create your very own AWS EC2 instance for you to practice on, in "Mastering Linux Command Line (+ Live Linux Labs)". Former students have been very satisfied with this course, rating it 4.5 out of 5 stars. This course, like all of the others in the bundle, is offered by Coding Gears. The company has been in the IT training business for many years, offering self-paced training courses in core technologies such as Windows, Unix, C#, Python, Java, SQL, and more.

Using shell scripts to automate daily tasks can send your productivity skyrocketing. Find out how in "Mastering Bash Shell Scripting: Automate Your Daily Tasks". "Mastering Secure Shell (SSH)" will turn you into an SSH power user, and "Mastering Putty for Beginners" will show you how to launch your sessions to AWS Linux Virtual Machine Setup, as well as UNIX/Linux servers.

"Git Essentials for Beginners" will take you from novice to expert, then you can dive deeper into specific activities. Open-source and real-time production git repositories are enormous; even those with only 100 entries can be hard to grasp visually. "Git - Searching, Rewriting History and Reset" will show you how to search, rewrite history and reset most efficiently.

Learn how to use Stash and Rebase to be more efficient while creating branches in Git and merging them when you have several projects in "Git - Branching and Merging". Pretty much all IT pros are expected to be familiar with YAML these days. "YAML Fundamentals for DevOps, Cloud & IaC Engineers" will help beginners with the skills that are required to develop YAML documents.

Find out how to boost your productivity and turn your workflow into a well-oiled machine. Grab The Mastering Linux and Git Certification Bundle today while it's only $19.04.

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