Leave the cables behind with the Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger

This new handy charger provides 3400 mAh of emergency power for your mobile devices. You can now watch more movies and listen to more tunes while traveling and also lighten your load.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As a mobile enthusiast and reviewer I carry more devices than your average person when I travel and it gets to be a real pain carrying lots of a/c adapters and cables around. Katrina from Proporta sent me an early beta of their new USB Mobile Device Charger to check out and I just returned from taking it on a trip across the country. I was able to save some room and lighten my load in my kit bag and if you travel you may want to check this accessory out.

Proporta USB charger

The Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger is a 3400 mAh external battery pack that is about the size of an iPod and has a standard USB port, labeled Out, and a miniUSB port labeled, In. You simply charge up the battery pack with a USB to miniUSB cable and then connect your device USB cable to the output port to charge it up. I like being able to charge it up with my computer as that lets me leave another a/c adapter behind. There is a small round button with an indicator light in the middle to give you the status of the battery and charging. So far I have used it to charge my T-Mobile Dash and Nokia N93. You can use it to charge up anything that charges via USB, like an iPod, mobile phone, digitial camera, PDA, etc. The test kit I was sent came with a USB cable that had removable tips so I could charge multiple devices with a single cable and then just carry a couple of tips around. They also offer a bundle package that includes a car charger and world adapter.

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