Lenovo launches AR/ VR headset for the enterprise

The PC maker on Monday also announced new desktop computers, laptops and IOT devices all aimed at business users.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Lenovo on Monday announced a new VR/AR platform called ThinkReality, comprising both software and hardware. Geared towards the enterprise as AR and VR are gaining steam in corporate settings, the ThinkReality platform will offer new competition for the Microsoft HoloLens. 

The first device in the ThinkReality portfolio is the ThinkReality A6, a heads-up, hands-free device that weights just 380g (0.83lbs). It has a 40-degree diagonal field of view with 1080p resolution per eye. It's powered by an Android-based compute box with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile XR Platform.

The ThinkReality platform is device and cloud agnostic, meaning enterprise customers could use it to manage AR and VR software applications across multiple operating systems, cloud services or devices.

Lenovo says it's designed for a range of AR applications, including solutions that reduce repair times, streamline workflows, improve collaboration or improve workforce training.

Meanwhile, Lenovo also announced Monday that it's expanding its ThinkIoT ecosystem. At its Beijing campus, the company is currently running a pilot program to test a new automated computer vision cashier. The device is designed for retailers that want to cut cashiers out of the checkout process -- as well as the long lines and pricing errors that can often accompany automated checkout services.


The computer vision cashier prototype has an integrated camera, processor and sensors that would allow a shopper to scan all their items at once without relying on barcodes. It can weigh purchases to provide feedback to suppliers, and it allows for a virtual wallet payment gateway. 

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Lenovo is also building out its IoT business with a new partnership with Microsoft Azure. Joint customers will be able to use Lenovo's ThinkIoT hardware, software and services with Azure solutions for IoT, AI and data management such as Azure SQL Database Edge.

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In terms of PCs, Lenovo announced an ultra-compact desktop series, the ThinkCentre M90n. Designed for environments such as call centers or anywhere where space is constrained, they are one-third the size of the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny.

Meanwhile, the ThinkBook S is a new line of laptops designed for small businesses. It comes with enterprise-geared options such as an extended warranty, better support options and ThinkShield security features. 

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