LG CNS to trial AI X-ray analysis service in public health centres

LG CNS will deploy cloud and AI powered X-Ray services for up to 255 public health centres in South Korea.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG CNS will deploy an X-ray analysis service powered by artificial intelligence (AI) at a public health centre in Seoul, the company has announced.

The service analyses X-ray images to provide health information that doctors can then review when making their diagnoses.  

The company signed a deal with the National Information Society Agency, a government agency focused on building IT infrastructure in the public center, for the project.

LG CNS will install its cloud and AI-powered X-ray service at the public health centre of Eunpyeong district in Seoul. The service will start from September and last until the end of the year at the centre. 

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The company began development of the AI X-ray analysis service with start-up Lunit back in November. LG CNS said the service had an accuracy rate of 94% and could analyse X-ray images for lung diseases within 20 seconds.

Previously, public health centres relied on outside contractors to analyse X-ray images, who generally took a day to return the results.

Citizens will get results for their tests faster and government will save costs, LG CNS said.

The company also has plans to deploy the service to 254 more public health centres once the trial is completed. LG will provide the AI X-ray analysis via the cloud as a software-as-a-service, which will allow for easy deployment to any centres with a X-ray machine and an internet connection.

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