​LG CNS partners with Megazone Cloud in public cloud

LG CNS, LG Group's IT service affiliate, has partnered with Megazone Cloud, South Korea's largest public cloud vendor, to expand its cloud business locally and abroad.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer
(Image: Cloud Network)

LG CNS has partnered with Megazone Cloud, South Korea's largest public cloud vendor, to expand its cloud business, the company announced.

Megazone Cloud, an AWS Premier Partner, boasts around 900 customers with revenue of 220 billion won (US$195 million), the largest for a public cloud firm in South Korea.

LG CNS said the two companies will share personnel and research, sell cloud platforms together, and also collaborate in expanding abroad.

They will combine LG CNS's large-scale cloud competence with Megazone Cloud's public cloud service to clinch government and conglomerate clients in South Korea first.

LG CNS last month won the order from Korean Air to move its entire enterprise management system to the cloud.

The company, which manages IT systems for its sister firms such as LG Electronics, has rebranded its enterprise offerings in August to stream line its businesses.

It is also partnering with startups and small to mid-sized enterprises. Last month, it announced a partnership with AI start-up Lunit to use cloud in X-Ray video analysis.

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