LG debuts its thinnest Gram laptop yet

LG's Gram laptops have been among the thinnest and lightest available since their debut. Now, the company is shaving the latest Gram down to its slimmest iteration and launching a new, style-conscious variant, too.
Written by Michael Gariffo, Staff Writer
A man using an LG Gram laptop on a roof with skyscrapers in the background

LG's Gram laptop line has defined itself by being among the thinnest and lightest laptops of any given generation. Now, with its latest pair of Gram releases, the company is squeezing its devices into even thinner dimensions and giving them a new sense of style. 

The appropriately named LG Gram Ulstraslim measures just 10.99 millimeters thick and weighs only 998 grams (its eponymous measurement units), or about 35.2 oz. The device is both slimmer and lighter than the LG Gram 16 we reviewed earlier this year, which tipped the scales at a still-feathery 1.2kg.

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Despite being "around the same thickness of a smartphone or notepad," the unit still packs a 15.6-inch OLED display, 13th-gen Intel Raptor Lake processor and an ultra-compact power adapter. Onboard memory options range from 8GB to 32GB, while built-in storage can be configured for 256GB to 1TB of Gen4 NVMe storage. 

A man using an LG gram laptop atop a stack of books

Alongside the new king of thin, LG also unveiled two sizes of its new LG Gram Style. This fashion-conscious notebook includes "an elegant glass design that makes each of the available color options shine and shift dynamically; moving and changing depending on the light and angle." This focus on aesthetics extends to a new "hidden" touchpad with "soft LED backlighting" that "illuminates at the user's touch." 

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Those who are more concerned with function over form will want to know that the LG Gram Style also packs a 13th-gen Intel CPU and identical memory and storage options to the Ultraslim. However, fitting in extra style does add some mass. The 16-inch models are 15.9mm thick and 1.23KG while the smaller 14-inch unit is just as thick, but weight only 999g. 

A woman using an LG gram 2-in-1 in a park

Alongside the two completely new models, LG also refreshed its LG Gram 2-in-1 lineup with the same list of available internal components being included in the Ultraslim and Style models. The pair of refreshed convertible laptops will come in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes, and will be compatible with the LG Stylus Pen. 

LG plans to announce pricing and availability information for all of the models mentioned here at a later date. 

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