LG hires new Toronto AI head

Darin Graham, a founding member of Canada's Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, will be the new head of LG's AI Lab in Toronto.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Darin Graham will be the head of LG's Toronto AI Lab. 

(Image: LG Electronics)

LG Electronics has named a new head for its Toronto AI Lab as part of its efforts to continue fostering talent, the company has announced.

The company has hired Darin Graham, a founding member of the Vector Institute of Artificial Intelligence, one of the most prestigious research centres in Canada, as the head of its AI lab in Toronto.

Graham is an expert in artificial neural networks, and previously worked at the Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) and Communications and Information Technology Ontario (CITO).

According to LG, Graham has extensive connections within Canada's academia and business communities which will be used to grow the Toronto AI Lab's research.

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LG set up its Toronto-based AI lab in August and has already commenced work on various projects in collaboration with the University of Toronto.

The focus of research has primarily been on neural networks for deep learning, with the goal of securing core technologies, LG said. Examples of these core technologies include Edge AI, which allows for on-device AI to process data without going through the cloud, and Reinforcement Learning, which makes AI solve problems without human interference.

The company has plans to apply the research into its robotics, home appliance, automobile, and energy businesses in the future. It also has plans to collaborate and invest in AI start-ups in Canada, LG said.

Earlier this month, the company rolled outs its own AI chip for application in home appliances such as robot cleaners that is powered by its self-developed LG Neural Engine.  

LG formed its new robotics and autonomous vehicle divisions directly under the supervision of its CEO late last year to find new streams of revenue and growth.

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