LG develops AI chip for home appliances

The AI chip, which uses its own neural engine, is aimed at being used in home appliances.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG has developed its own artificial intelligence (AI) chip for use in home appliances such as robot cleaners, the company announced.

The chip is embedded with the company's own LG Neural Engine, the company said, which uses deep learning algorithms.  

The chip will allow devices to identify places, locations, objects, and people in videos, according to the South Korean tech giant. It can also be used to help devices differentiate between various speakers, noises, and sounds, and can analyse the physical and chemical changes within the device it is powering for optimisation purposes.

It can also analyse videos and sound data together for use in new customised services, the company added.

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The chip will provide gadgets with on-device AI capabilities, which will protect data and allow them to function without a network connection.

LG said its future robot cleaner, washing machine, refrigerator, and air conditioner offerings will have the AI chip installed.

While LG's mobile business continues to be in the red, its home appliance counterpart has been clinching record profits.

Beyond its work in home appliances, LG is also focused on robotics used outside of the home. Last month, the company said it is developing robots for use in restaurants with compatriot firm CJ Foodville.

Samsung is also expanding the application of AI to its home appliances with the company announcing in 2017 that it had plans for all of its offerings to have a smart feature by 2020.


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