LG launches software update for G5 and Cam Plus module

The software update comes less than a month after the release of the modular G5, offering a downloadable app drawer and a higher burst rate capability for the Cam Plus.
Written by Philip Iglauer, Contributor

LG Electronics launched on Friday a software update for its modular G5 flagship smartphone and one of the handset's accessories, the LG Cam Plus module.

The software update to the G5's Cam Plus gives a higher burst rate capability, and on top of the regular two-stage shutter, the Cam Plus now also delivers the option of 10 to 30 frames per second in a single burst.

The Cam Plus gives a DSLR-like user experience to G5 users with a clunky grip, a 4000mAh battery, and a jog dial for more precise zooming. Like other DSLR options, the Cam Plus offers intuitive auto focus and exposure lock -- features usually found on standalone digital cameras.

The software update also makes an app drawer available through the phone's home settings menu, giving the G5 a more convenient user interface option, although the existing home screen layouts and widgets are replaced by the new home app.

One of the big differences with the G5 is in its UX 5.0 UI user interface; unlike the G4, it didn't have an app drawer and instead laid out page after page of apps.

But users who really missed that old-timey look were able to install LG's custom 4.0 app drawer by downloading it off of LG's Smart World app store.

"It hasn't been even one month since the launch of the G5, and we already responded to consumer feedback with a software update. We will continue to respond quickly to provide the best user experience possible," said Chris Yie, vice president and head of marketing at LG's mobile division.

LG also announced some promotional offers. Until May 16, the Cam Plus module is available for 99,000 won with the purchase of the G5 and an extra battery pack with charging cradle for 39,000 won.

And with the G5, the Hi-Fi Plus DAC module is available for 189,000 won and a B&O package is available for 289,000 won, which includes the premium Hi-Fi Plus module and the H3 earphones. The DAC module and earphones individually go for 189,000 won and 279,000 won, respectively.

LG recently announced plans to open a marketplace for developers to potentially buy and sell their own LG Friends products compatible with the G5.

The company launched the G5 in its home market of South Korea last month, where it is now reportedly selling 8,000 units a day.

Source: ZDNet.co.kr

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