LG reveals G5 name, Quick Cover case, and likely metal phone construction

What comes first; the case or the phone? LG posted an official press release announcing the name of its next device, along with images of its new Quick Cover.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: LG)

We expect several new smartphones in the next few weeks and while most names and specs are only rumored, LG is not holding back when it comes to revealing the name of its next device. LG posted a press release for the LG G5 Quick Cover case that confirms there will be an always-on display on the LG G5.

While people continue to debate the age-old question of what was first, the chicken or the egg, LG modernized it with the question of whether the case or the phone comes first. This time, the case comes first.

LG sent out press invites and is scheduled to hold an event for the latest LG flagship on 21 February, just as MWC kicks off in Spain. The LG G5 Quick Cover is similar to the previous covers for other LG phones, providing access to the time, date, and notifications with the cover closed.

The LG G5 Quick Cover has a glossy metallic finish that is reported to enhance the look and feel of the cover and phone. This leads to the conclusion that the LG G5 may indeed have a metal finish, as the rumors suggest.

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