​LG upgrades G6 audio with new Quad DAC

LG Electronics has powered up the audio of the G6 smartphone with a new Quad Digital to Analog Converter (DAC).
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

LG has upgraded the audio prowess of the G6 smartphone with a new Quad DAC, the company announced.

The new 32bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC controls the left and right sound channels separately, offering better balance compared to predecessors, and reduces static noise, the South Korean tech giant said.

DAC converts 0 and 1 digital audio signals to analogue via a chip on the phone. Quad DAC, as the name suggests, puts four DACs in one chip, reducing the size by a fourth and static noise by 50 percent, LG said.

The new Quad DAC chip has higher circuit integration, which allows a sound distortion rate as low as 0.0002 percent.

LG first put a Quad DAC on the V20 smartphone released last fall.

Last week, LG mobile boss Juno Cho bought 2,000 company shares, likely as a vote of confidence before the upcoming launch of the G6 at the Mobile World Congress.

In its official invitation for the unveiling event, LG touted the G6's bigger screen, smaller body, and curved-edged design.

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