LG V20 released in South Korea on September 29

LG Electronics has set their highest price for a flagship phone in two years with the V20, sales of which will begin in South Korea on September 29, a day after Samsung's Note 7 resumes sales.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer

Sales of LG's V20 smartphone will begin in South Korea on September 29, a day after Samsung resumes sales of the Galaxy Note 7.

LG's latest phablet will be its priciest flagship phone released in its home country for two years, priced at 899,800 won ($800).

V10, the phone's predecessor that launched last year, was priced at 799,700 won. The G5 cost 836,000 won and the G4 825,000 won.

The latest pricing shows that the firm, despite losing out to Samsung locally and Chinese vendors globally, will continue to set its phone in the "high-premium" sector, in part with Samsung and Apple.

The V20 is, however, cheaper than main competitor Note 7's price tag of 988,900 won ($880). The availability of Apple's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in South Korea has not been announced yet.

LG has highlighted the V20's audio capabilities in the run up to its launch. It also packs a quad digital to analogue converter, the first for a smartphone, and will come with Android 7 Nougat.

The company's mobile division posted four straight quarters of loss, making the success of the V20 more vital than ever.

The G5, though initially well received thanks to its modular design, saw lackluster sales and LG sold only half of its initial estimate.

LG commenced a restructuring of the mobile business following poor sales.

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