LinkedIn launches AI Academy to bolster internal AI skills

The program divides AI training into multiple levels designed for different job roles, with instruction led by AI experts from LinkedIn's core AI team.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

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LinkedIn is launching an internal program called AI Academy that aims to teach employees across the company how to incorporate artificial intelligence tools into their daily work.

LinkedIn's motivation for launching the AI Academy traces back to the Silicon Valley talent wars. Tech companies are scrambling to attract top talent in the areas of AI and machine learning, and often face difficulties scaling AI implementations because of a lack of AI skills.

"Today, top universities can't produce graduates with the requisite AI skills quickly enough," said Craig Martell, LinkedIn's head of science and engineering. "Companies around the world compete fiercely for these individuals, without whom they can't hope to remain competitive; LinkedIn is no exception."

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LinkedIn's program divides AI training into multiple levels designed for different job roles, with instruction led by AI experts from the company's core AI team.

For engineers, the program takes trainees from understanding how to incorporate and maintain an AI system to shipping one for their team. Meanwhile, product managers focus on building specific domain knowledge required to manage AI products. The AI Academy also includes training on how to approach AI ethically.

    LinkedIn envisions extending the program broadly, for instance, to recruiters who work with LinkedIn Engineering and salespeople who work with technology clients.

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