Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630, hands on

Finally, a new Bluetooth mouse from Logitech, and this one is really special.
Written by J.A. Watson, Contributor

Regular readers here will know that I am very partial to two things: Logitech products, because they generally make excellent devices, and Bluetooth peripherals because I love things that don't use up a USB port on my laptop. 

I've been waiting a long time for a new Bluetooth mouse from Logitech - it seems like ages since the V470 and M555b mice came out.  

While browsing in a local computer / home electronics store, I stumbled onto a Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse (T630). I had not seen one before, and the size and shape were what first caught my eye. I stopped to see if it was a Unifying Receiver device, thinking I might try it out, and when I saw that it was a Bluetooth mouse I was sold on it. 

The list price here in Switzerland is CHF 99, and I got it for 89.90, which seems to be the typical "discounted" price here. That should translate to £67/ €80/$110 list, but the Logitech web pages list it at £60/€70/$70. 

I'm not going to start on my rant about localised pricing; I know things are expensive here in Switzerland, but that list price in dollars... well, never mind.  It is what it is - let's move on.

From both the size and appearance, it seems obvious that this mouse was designed for use with Ultrabook and Chromebook systems: it is absolutely tiny, extremely light, and tapered from front to back.

Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630

 It connects via Bluetooth, so there is no USB receiver (and of course no cord).  Even better, it has two Bluetooth channels, selectable via a switch on the bottom, so you can pair it to two different laptops, and change between them with the flip of a switch. 

For someone like me, who generally uses multiple laptops, this is a real treat. The way I am using it is probably a bit out of the ordinary, though; I have paired it to my primary laptop on channel one, and then leave that channel alone; I then use channel two for whatever other laptop I want to use or test it on, re-pairing as necessary but still able to go back to my primary laptop by just flipping the switch back to channel one: all very nice.

The T630 contains a rechargeable battery, but rather than having some sort of docking station or other external power connection, as was the case with some previous Logitech mice, this one comes with a very short USB cable (something like 10cm), so you charge it from your laptop.  The Logitech documentation says that one minute of charging time will get you one hour of use, but I haven't had occasion to test that yet.

Logitech says that you need their Set Point application software in order to use all of the "advanced features" of the T630 (things like gestures and smooth scrolling, I think), but of course Set Point is only for Windows, which doesn't interest me. 

I simply paired the mouse to a couple of my computers running Fedora 20, and confirmed that the basic functions I want work normally - that means, mouse movement, left/right click and vertical/horizontal scrolling.

In summary: the T630 is extremely small and light, so it is not only convenient to carry in my computer case or backpack, I can even just slip it into my pocket to move around at the office; it connects via Bluetooth, so there is no dongle to go with it and it doesn't use a USB port; it has a rechargeable battery, so I don't have to keep spare AA/AAA batteries on hard, and it recharges at least enough to use for another meeting or two very quickly; and it pairs and works just fine with my Linux systems.

As with essentially all Logitech products I have tried, I highly recommend this one.

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