MATRIX Creator delivers IoT-ready dev board for Raspberry Pi

With its new IoT-ready board, the Matrix Creator aims to do for IoT app development what Wordpress did for website development.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

The Matrix Creator is an AI and computer vision Internet of Things (IoT)-ready dev board that is compatible with the 10 million Raspberry Pi's currently on the market.

MATRIX Creator delivers IoT-Ready Dev Board for Raspberry Pi ZDNet

The Creator is an FPGA microcontroller-driven Raspberry Pi shield with over 15 accelerometers on it. There is a microcontroller, gyroscope, IMU, microphone array, IR, Z-Wave, Thread, NFC, and ZigBee amongst others.

To simplify hardware application development, the Creator includes an OS, which allows developers to build hardware applications in a few lines of JavaScript, with C++ or Python code coming 'soon'.

Its goal in creating this product is to make developing IoT apps as easy as developing websites, and to allow novice and expert software developers to easily build hardware applications. Power users can still take advantage of the full capabilities of their devices.

All users need to do is install Raspbian on their Raspberry Pi, configure APT in the Creator, and reboot. The Pi is then ready to go.

The company hopes that the Creator will be used across a multitude of scenarios such as smart homes, intelligent buildings, robotics, security, industrial control, smart retail, drones, custom maker projects, and many more.

Each Creator comes with device-to-device communication, sensors, six computer vision algorithms, and real-time dashboards which can be customised.

The eight microphone array on the Creator allows users to use voice recognition in their apps. Users can configure online cognitive services such as Microsoft Cognitive Service, Amazon Alexa Voice Service, Google Speech API, Wit.ai and Houndify.

Events can trigger when sound is detected. For example you can configure the Creator to send you a text when your dog is barking at home. You can also use face and object detection libraries to add vision into your IoT applications.

The board has been used to develop a self-balancing robot, a universal IR remote, a DIY Amazon Alexa speaker, gesture-triggered IR actions, and a face-tracking and people recognition device.

The Creator has everything you need to start building drones, robots, smart home products, and security solutions.

The indiegogo campaign is currently at 353 percent of its original campaign goal and has shipped over 500 Matrix Creators. The OS is available to all developers that have either purchased a Creator or inquired about its Indiegogo campaign.

Every maker, tinkerer, and developer around the world who wants a complete, affordable, and user-friendly tool to create for simple or complex IoT apps, should look at this board.

The Matrix Creator is just what you need to get you started with your IoT infrastructure.

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