Microsoft buys BrightBytes DataSense to bring more data analytics to schools

Microsoft is buying the BrightBytes DataSense data-integration platform in order to try to bring more data-analytics capabilities to schools and education solution providers.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: BrightBytes

Microsoft has purchased the BrightBytes Data Management platform DataSense and is acquiring the team behind the product. Microsoft announced the pending acquisition, for which it's paying an undisclosed amount, on Feb. 4. 

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BrightBytes, based in San Francisco, is an education data-analytics company and has been a Microsoft partner for years. In addition to the DataSense data-integration platform it is selling to Microsoft, BrightBytes will continue to sell its decision-support platform called Clarity which uses machine learning and predictive analytics.

Microsoft is planning to integrate DataSense into its Microsoft Education product family. According to Microsoft, DataSense is "the leading IPaaS (integration platform as a service) solution for both education solution providers and school districts across the US." 

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DataSense, when coupled with Azure, will help users collect, manage and control access to their data, Microsoft officials said. The addition of DataSense will bring more data-analytics capabilities to schools, officials said. 

Microsoft plans to start integrating DataSense with its products and services "in the coming months." Microsoft officials said existing BrightBytes customers using DataSense will not see any disruption to their services as ownership changes.

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