Microsoft is making OneDrive, SharePoint Online its default save locations for Office 365 apps

Microsoft is continuing to nudge users toward saving more in the cloud with its latest move to make OneDrive and SharePoint Online the default location for Office 365 apps.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Starting this month (February 2019), Microsoft is changing the way that Windows and Mac users of Office 365 applications will save Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. OneDrive and SharePoint Online are going to become the default location for saving these kinds of files.

Microsoft announced officially plans for this change on January 25. This new cloud-save default is similar to what Microsoft did last year with Known Folder Migration, via which the company is working to get user data off local PCs and stored, instead, in OneDrive consumer and business.

Users still will be able to change this default by choosing a different location by changing the default working folder. (IT admins, won't be able to alter the Office 365 default save behavior, however, Microsoft officials told Redmond Channel Partner.) It's also worth noting that this change also won't affect any kind of defaults already set by administrators and/or company policies.

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