Microsoft buys 'spend intelligence' vendor Suplari to bolster Dynamics 365

Microsoft is bringing together 'spend intelligence' insights twith Dynamics 365 with its acquisition of Suplari.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Suplari

Microsoft has acquired Suplari, a Seattle-based vendor that provides "spend intelligence" information for managing supplier spending for an undisclosed amount. Microsoft announced the deal on July 28.

Microsoft plans to bring together the Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365, its ERP/ CRM offering, which already includes a number of "insights" modules. (Microsoft is calling its insights applications, such as Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, "data-first applications.") Microsoft officials said Suplari helps companies transform data from sources like contracts, purchase orders, invoices, expenses and such into actionable insights.

From Microsoft's blog post on the Suplari acquisition:

"Together with Dynamics 365, the Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud will help customers maximize financial visibility by using AI to automate the analysis of current data and historical patterns from multiple data sources. It will also help customers enhance financial decision-making by predicting the best spend management actions moving forward."

Microsoft plans to keep the Suplari Spend Intelligence Cloud in the market with no change for existing customers, officials said. 

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