Microsoft introduces Outlook watch face for Android Wear

Microsoft continues to offer outstanding Outlook experiences on all mobile platforms and this latest update brings an interactive watch face to Android Wear.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft launched Outlook for Android Wear in April 2016. Today Microsoft introduced an Outlook watch face for Android Wear that offers users an even richer Outlook experience on their wrist.

There are existing Apple Watch and Android Wear Outlook applications, but those require that you launch the Outlook app or widget before diving into your Outlook details. The new Outlook watch face lets you check out your day at a glance.

The default watch face shows the day, date, time, and upcoming calendar events or recent email if there are no events scheduled in the next 12 hours. One cool feature is that the colors on the dial match the colors of the calendars you've added to Outlook. Thus, you will see different color bars around the calendar to match the event and calendar it is associated with.

After you raise your wrist and look at your watch you can then interact with the watch face. Tap the event to see the details and keep scrolling up to see following events. You can even quickly send a note to meeting attendees if you are running late.

You can also choose from a number of watch face background colors and accent colors in order to personalize your Android Wear smartwatch.

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