Microsoft is working to fix LinkedIn Premium subscription cancellation problems

Some LinkedIn Premium subscribers have been unable to cancel their plans for a week or more. Microsoft says it is fixing the issue and working to improve the overall billing process.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is working to fix a bug which resulted in LinkedIn Premium subscribers being unable to cancel their subscriptions. Users began experiencing this problem more than a week ago and reported it via the LinkedIn Help Forum but didn't hear back from LinkedIn until a day ago (which, coincidentally or not, is when I asked Microsoft about this issue).

A reader alerted me to the problems he encountered trying to cancel his LinkedIn Premium subscription late last week. He noted the button to cancel subscriptions was removed from the Premium Subscription page, and the link to access payment methods was removed from the Settings page, preventing him from removing his credit card.

A "Cancel Subscription" button was available, but not easily findable in the Help content itself, the reader noted. After repeatedly hitting the button, he said he received no notice or confirmation that his subscription was cancelled.

This reader wasn't alone in hitting problems. There are nearly 140 messages in the LinkedIn Help forum from users encountering similar problems trying to cancel their premium subscriptions.

I asked Microsoft this week about the Premium cancellation issue and received the following statement from a spokesperson:

"We want to make it as easy to cancel a Premium plan as it is to start one, and are investing in ways to make that process simpler for our members. This week, we uncovered a bug in our Settings & Privacy page that prevented some members from accessing a newly added cancellation flow from that page. Members can still make changes or cancel their plans from the My Premium page while we work to resolve the issue. We are also helping members who have encountered this bug by working with them to cancel their Premium plans and offering refunds, including members who have posted in the LinkedIn Help forum you referenced."

The spokesperson added that Microsoft has made several product and marketing changes recently to better communicate with members about their plans and billing cycles as part of its effort to improve the Premium subscription experience. Among the changes that are being made: The addition of notifications and reminder emails before a Premium free trial ends; and reminder emails to Premium members before their annual subscription renews.  

Microsoft offers LinkedIn Premium Career and Premium Business subscriptions. Premium Career, which is $29.99 per month,  includes InMail messages, the ability to see who has viewed a profile; LinkedIn Learning courses; and interview preparation content. Premium Business, for $47.99 per month, includes InMail messages; the ability to see who has viewed a profile; company insights; and LinkedIn Learning courses It also offers Premium subscription plans for recruiters and sales professionals.

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