Microsoft joins the connected car battle, introduces Windows in the Car

Apple, Google and Microsoft are all now part of the fight to get operating systems in to our vehicles.
Written by Charlie Osborne, Contributing Writer

Microsoft has introduced Windows in the Car, the company's way to rival Apple and Google through integrating computer systems in our vehicles.

Unveiled at last week's Build developer conference, the connectivity system builds upon Microsoft's vast experience within in-car entertainment systems, as many already available -- such as Ford's Sync -- run on the Windows operating system.

In the same manner as Apple's CarPlay and potentially a Google version leaked by Mercedes Benz, Windows in the Car will support a variety of applications for maps, radio, MP3s and traffic updates.

The concept is in an early stage, but as the platform will be open for developers -- unlike CarPlay -- this could be a new way to introduce more applications in to the Windows app ecosystem. In addition, it may generate additional interest in the mobile Windows OS, which is struggling against the popular Google Android and Apple iOS systems, due to Microsoft's late entry in to the mobile arena. 

It is not known when the system will be available commercially.

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