Microsoft makes Start menu customizations possible in new Windows 11 test build

Microsoft is enabling Windows 11 users to include more pinned, and recommended items in their Start Menus with the latest Windows 11 Dev Channel test build.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft's latest Windows 11 Dev Channel test build, No. 22509, includes some user and tester requested features around Start menu modification and secondary-monitor capabilities.

The latest Windows 11 test build adds the ability for users to modify the Start menu layout with more pinned items or recommendations. Microsoft also is providing the ability to see a clock and date on taskbars of secondary monitors when connected to a primary Windows 11 machine. (This monitor capability is rolling out gradually to Insider testers, and not everyone will see it immediately.)

Other new features in today's test build:

  • Windows will now remember if users turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when in airplane mode so that next time users select airplane mode, their preferences will be carried over.
  • Windows Sandbox now supports reboots inside virtualized environments.
  • Three high-priority notifications will now be shown as stacked and shown at the same time for apps that send notifications for calls, reminders or alarms using Windows notifications. This capability is also being rolled out staggered, so all testers won't see it immediately.
  • Advanced sharing settings (like Network discovery, file and printer sharing and public folder sharing) are being moved to a new page in the Settings app under Advanced Network Settings.
  • More new capabilities are coming to Narrator, a screen reader to help those with limited vision capabilities to browse the Web using Edge.

Microsoft's blog post about today's build includes more information, a list of fixes and known issues.

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