Microsoft: New Windows Terminal preview gives you retro CRT screen effects

Microsoft gives Windows Terminal users an optional setting for graphic effects from the cathode-ray tube era.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Soon developers will, if they want, be able to take a step back in time with an optional feature Microsoft is preparing for its new command-line app, Windows Terminal. 

A year after Microsoft launched the first previews of Windows Terminal, the company is now adding the finishing touches to the app, which will reach version 1.0 in the coming months. The app is for developers who use command-line tools and shells like Command Prompt (cmd.exe), PowerShell, and Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) distributions. 

As spotted by The Verge, one extra touch Microsoft is getting ready to offer Windows Terminal users is retro-style cathode-ray tube, CRT, effects as an experimental feature in version 0.8, which is scheduled for release on Tuesday. 

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Besides getting to type like it's 1980, Microsoft is also adding the ability to search for text within tabs, a new control to adjust the size of tabs, enhanced tabs and tabs key bindings, and custom default settings. 

Microsoft announced Windows Terminal at the Build 2019 conference last May, promising a modern alternative to the 30-year-old Windows Console. 

The company plans to provide monthly preview releases and expects Windows Terminal to be feature complete by around February or March. The version 1.0 product launch will occur in the first half of 2020 after further performance tweaks. 

Recent updates have included its new Cascadia Code font, improved settings, auto-fill suggestions, stylus support, and better support for WSL.       

Speaking of WSL, Ubuntu-maker Canonical is doubling down on making Ubuntu the best Linux option for developers on Windows 10

"We think WSL is a fantastic way for Windows users to experience Ubuntu on their desktop, easing their development processes and allowing for local development and testing on Windows before deploying to Ubuntu in the cloud," the company said recently.  


Microsoft is offering Windows Terminal users retro-style cathode-ray tube, CRT, effects as an experimental feature. 

Image: Microsoft

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