Microsoft offering TechEd attendees Surface Pro for $400 and Surface RT for $100

The Surface Pro is a fantastic Windows 8 laptop and tablet computer and for just $400 one of them can be yours, if you attend TechEd 2013 next week in New Orleans.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Microsoft offering TechEd attendees Surface Pro for $400 and Surface RT for $100

I have written several articles (see links below) regarding the Microsoft Surface Pro and how I find it to be a fantastic mobile product. It looks like I should have planned to attend TechEd 2013 next week as Microsoft has a special Surface offer where attendees can pick up a Surface Pro and/or a Surface RT at amazing prices.

I hunted down my Surface Pro and paid over $1,000 for it and am very pleased with the purchase. Microsoft is offering TechEd attendees the Surface Pro 128GB, with no covers, for $399.99 and the Surface RT with touch cover bundle for just $99.99! Wow, that is a crazy deal for a couple solid tablets.

TechEd attendees, including customers, partners, press, 3rd party speakers, and 3rd party staff, are all eligible for the discounted pricing offers. TechEd costs $2,195 for the full conference. The TechExpo itself is just $225, but I am not sure if those attendees qualify.

The offers are only available during the event and Microsoft personnel comments in the discussion stated there will be plenty available for everyone who wants to buy one or both devices.

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