Microsoft offers free 100GB OneDrive space to Dropbox users worldwide

Microsoft is giving away 100GB of free storage to Dropbox users across the globe, although it's not being as generous with free storage as it has been for US Bing Rewards members.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

It's freebie February for Microsoft, which has started dishing out 100GB of free OneDrive storage to Dropbox users across the globe.

Microsoft traditionally hasn't been shy about giving away that much free space on its cloud storage service: last February, it began giving away a year's worth of 100GB OneDrive storage. This month, it began offering users 100GB of OneDrive space for two years if they signed up to its Bing Rewards program. However, both offers were only available to US users.

The promotion gives all Dropbox users 100GB of free OneDrive storage for one year. To claim the free storage, Dropbox users will have to sign up to OneDrive after logging into Dropbox. They'll need to save a OneDrive brochure to their Dropbox account before the promotional storage is added to their OneDrive account.

If Dropbox users want unlimited OneDrive storage after that, however, they will need to become paid subscribers of Office 365 .

While Microsoft's OneDrive launched as a competitor to Dropbox, lately the pair have been collaborating through a partnership struck last year which tightly couples Office with Dropbox. The tie-up allows Office users to access Dropbox from within their Office apps as well as edit Office files from within the Dropbox app.

The integration went live for some users last December and also became a headline feature of its Dropbox for Business early access program. As was noted when the partnership was unveiled, Dropbox is host to some 35 billion Office documents.

Since then, Dropbox has launched an app for Windows Phone handsets , addressing a sizeable gap in Microsoft's app store. The cloud storage company has also launched Dropbox Badge to bring new functionality to the collaboration tools available in Office.

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