Microsoft starts selling Dynamics 365; publishes roadmap

Microsoft is kicking off its Dynamics 365 CRM/ERP sales cycle by publishing a roadmap and touting its cost advantage compared to Salesforce.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

It's November 1, which means, as of today, Microsoft's Dynamics 365 offering is now on customer price lists.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft's Dynamics 365 is the makeover and combination of its Dynamics CRM and ERP lines. The Dynamics 365 cloud service is a combination of CRM Online, Dynamics AX and a new financials offering that was codenamed "Project Madeira."

The Enterprise version fo Dynamics 365 includes a number of modules that were parts of Microsoft's CRM and ERP products previously, plus a new Marketing service (Adobe Marketing Cloud). It doesn't seem Marketing Cloud is yet purchasable by customers. The Business version fo Dynamics 365 so far only includes the Financials Module. Sales and marketing modules for that version are coming in 2017.

Microsoft's marketing site for Dynamics 365 claims that "Salesforce costs $515 more!" when compared to Dynamics 365 Plan 1 for 500 users (which costs $70 per user per month). Microsoft claims Salesforce costs $585 per user per month for 500 users. Here's more on how Microsoft is pricing and licensing Dynamics 365.

Update: Salesforce disputes the pricing, with a spokesperson noting that Microsoft's calculations call for customers to buy the same edition of their products twice. Salesforce's pricing page is here.

Microsoft also is publishing a roadmap that includes both new and "in development" features for Dynamics 365 -- similar to what it provides for other products/services like Office 365.

Cortana integration with sales, accounts, deal information and meeting prep is listed as a "preview available" feature for Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation. Azure Machine Learning is listed as a "preview available" feature, as well.

Microsoft's PowerApps and Flow power-user developer tools, which work with Dynamics 365, are available as of today, as well.

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