Microsoft to acquire foreign cyberthreat analysis vendor Miburo

Microsoft is acquiring Miburo, a vendor specializing in detecting and countering foreign disinformation, and plans to make it part of its threat-intelligence operations.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is acquiring Miburo, a cyberthreat analysis company specializing in the detection of and response to foreign information operations. Microsoft is not disclosing the purchase price but announced the deal publicly on June 14.

Miburo is based in New York City. According to its LinkedIn profile, the company specializes in social media investigations and countering disinformation.

Miburo and founder Clint Watts will become part of Microsoft's Customer Security and Trust organization. Miburo will work with the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, its Threat Context Analysis team and others at the company to help Microsoft expand its threat detection and analysis capabilities.

Specifically, according to a blog post announcing the acquisition by Tom Burt, Corporate Vice President of Customer Security and Trust, Miburo also will "shed light on the ways in which foreign actors use information operations in conjunction with other cyber-attacks to achieve their objectives."

Miburo is a leading expert in the identification of foreign information operations, Burt said, and its research teams can detect and attribute malign and extremist influence campaigns across 16 languages.

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