Microsoft to roll out new Outlook.com 'over the next few weeks'

Microsoft is ready to roll out its updated Outlook.com web mail -- plus the related Calendar and contacts features -- over the next few weeks.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

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Microsoft has been beta testing an updated Outlook.com webmail version for the six months. It's now time for it to start rolling out to all Outlook.com users, officials said on March 14.

(Image: Microsoft)

Outlook.com users will be moved to the new experience "over the next few weeks," officials said. As part of the rollout, Microsoft also is launching new betas of the Outlook.com Calendar and contacts (People) features over the coming weeks, officials said today.

The updated Outlook.com is more colorful, more customizable, and provides easier and better ways to categorize mail, access settings, and access add-ins. Microsoft also updated the Skype integration in Outlook.com mail, making it easier to chat or talk from inside Outlook.com.

The updated Outlook.com gives users options to turn on or off Focused Inbox and Conversation View. Add-ins for Boomerang, Evernote, GIPHY, Gfycat, Microsoft Translator, MojiLaLa, PayPal, Trello, and more are supported, as are more add-ins from the Office Store.

The new Calendar beta, which should be available to all Outlook.com users as of today, makes adding events and details faster, officials said. And the new People/contacts beta uses new profile cards designed to make creating, viewing, and editing contacts and lists easier, officials said.

Outlook.com users can try the new Outlook.com and Calendar and People betas by opting in with the "Try the beta" toggle on the top right of the inbox. Once the rollout begins, Microsoft will update all existing Outlook.com users automatically (with no user action required) to the new versions of Mail, Calendar, and People.

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