Microsoft Ventures invests in four more startups; creates AI fund

Since May, Microsoft Ventures has made investments in 18 companies/entities. It also now has a dedicated AI fund.

Microsoft Ventures has added four more companies to its investment portfolio.


Microsoft's venture arm, announced in May 2016, also is establishing an AI-specific fund, officials said on December 12. Officials said today's announcement of an investment in Element AI, an incubator and AI platform based in Montreal, is the first of its investments from this fund.

When Microsoft announced Microsoft Ventures, officials said it would target startups in the cloud, security, and machine-learning/AI markets.

Microsoft also announced investments of an unspecified amount in three other companies on December 12. The three: Dynamic Signal, a communications company; Tact, a "sales experience" company; and xAD, a sales intelligence company.

As of today, there are now 18 investments in the Microsoft Ventures portfolio.

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