Microsoft's Courier 'digital journal': The 'second coming' of all student tech

Microsoft's new digital journal known as 'Courier' with updated screenshots and two videos, if concept becomes reality, this will change student computing forever.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

There's a reason why I have never even looked at the concept images or videos of Microsoft's new digital journal, Courier, without a sour, unfriendly taste in my mouth until now. Microsoft had nothing but love and energy pumped into their concepts, whereas the real thing is horrifically different.


My colleague Mary Jo Foley has questioned the even existence of this device, similarly to how I think. Had they stitched together and trimmed down half of the Microsoft research projects in play at the moment, they already have most of it there.

But if in the deep, dark world of Microsoft's Redmond campus there is even a smidgen of hope for this device, I ask that you rally up around me and take the place by storm so we can prove it really is there.

If this device, through the videos above courtesy of Engadget via Steve Clayton, will turn out to be what they say they are, you can lay your laptop or netbook down and light a candle of solidarity for this technological second-coming.

This my student friends, will be it. Discuss.

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