Microsoft's June patches broke Office Click-to-Run for some

Some Office 2013 users who run the programs using Click-to-Run may no longer be able to run then after applying the June updates. The workaround is uninstall and reinstall.
Written by Larry Seltzer, Contributor

Microsoft has acknowledged that Office 2013 "Click-to-Run" has failed for some users since applying the June Patch Tuesday updates. The company says that "less than 1 percent of our user base" has been so affected.

Microsoft released many non-security updates for Office 2013 on Tuesday, June 10.

Click-to-Run is a streaming and virtualization technology with which users may run a current version of Office without having it fully-installed on the local computer. Code streams from Microsoft's servers as-needed, allowing users to run Office programs quickly, before they are completely installed.

The Office team is working on a solution. In the meantime, for users who, since applying the update, cannot launch Office 2013 using Click-to-Run, the company first recommends that they uninstall Office 2013 using this Fix it. Then they need to reinstall Office from the My Accounts page; in a business setup, the administrator may need to be involved.

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