Microsoft's Windows 10 Store, Mail client down for some

A number of Windows 10 users are encountering problems updating and downloading apps, including the new Microsoft Mail client, from the Windows 10 app Store.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Some Windows 10 users have been having problems accessing the Windows 10 Store and a number of Store apps, including Microsoft's new Mail client, for more than a day.

I heard from a few readers on August 8 that they were unable to access the Store and both new and already installed Store apps, but their Win32 apps were working fine.

Yesterday morning, I was able to successfully contact the Store and download apps. But since yesterday afternoon, neither the Store nor some of my Store apps have been working properly.

On August 9, I can see five app updates queued in the Windows 10 Store on my PC waiting to be downloaded. But the downloads never commence. And my Mail client shows new mail arriving, but doesn't ever allow me to open, delete or move mail.

I've seen several users on Twitter wondering about Windows 10 Store problems. Earlier this morning, some Windows 10 users were receiving messages from the Store indicating the Store server had "stumbled." At 3 pm ET on August 9, I received the same message (embedded above in this post) for the first time, and now I am totally unable to access the Store on my Windows 10 laptop.

In various forums around the web, users have been reporting Windows 10 Store problems for the past couple of days and suggesting possible workarounds. But the majority of those in the forums indicated that none of the workarounds seem to resolve the Store issues.

I asked Microsoft last night for an update on what's happening and what affected Windows 10 users should do. I re-asked this morning, and there's still no word.

I don't have any idea how many users are affected by the Store and Mail issues, and/or whether the problem is spreading. I have no evidence that shows this problem is related to Microsoft's recently released first Cumulative Update to Windows 10, though some are speculating this could be the case. (I was installing and running Store apps fine for a few days after applying the Cumulative Update, myself.)

I'll update this post with more information as I receive it.

Update (August 10): I asked Microsoft officials this morning and at the end of my day (6 pm ET) for an update on the situation. A spokesperson said the company still had nothing to say. At least I know there are quite a few of you out there who are having the same issues as me, based on responses to my Twitter feed and email I am receiving.

Update (August 11): I received the following response from a company spokesperson late last night: "The issue will be resolved within next 48 hours via Windows Update."

I have tried fixing this via various suggested workarounds in forums, to no avail. I now have six Windows Store app updates queued and stuck. The built-in Windows 10 Mail app is still broken on my laptop and won't allow me to read, move or delete mail. I'm still hearing from a number of users who have been encountering the same Windows Store issues -- some since August 7.

Update (August 13): Still no fix for this. Now my Mail and Calendar apps cannot open at all and I am up to eight apps stuck in my Windows 10 Store queue. I asked about the whereabouts of the promised Windows Store fix. A spokesperson sent the following response:

"We are aware that a set of customers are experiencing this issue and we are working to resolve the situation as soon as possible and thank our customers for their patience."

One workaround that some users say has helped them fix this problem proactively is this PowerShell one from SuperSite for Windows' Rod Trent, for what it's worth.

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