MokaFive desktop management capabilities

MokaFive management granularity has improved and expanded since I last examined it!
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

A while ago, I published the post Desktop management MokaFive Suite 3.0 adds Windows 7 support in which I mentioned that others in the industry offered greater management granularity than did MokaFive. Shortly thereafter, Purnima Padmanabhan, MokaFive's Vice President of Products and Marketing contacted me. It appears that my view was based upon out-of-date information. Thanks for the update Purnima!

After learning about what the current product offered, I can see that much as changed and that my earlier statement was based upon out-of-date information. Here's an update supplied by MokaFive:

Here's what MokaFive says about their management capabilities

The MokaFive management server can be installed in minutes, on a single box or across multiple machines. Because virtual desktohp execution happens on user computers, a single server can manage up to 5,000 users. Customers can horizontally scale the management server and virtual desktop image distribution points to support any size organization.

MokaFive’s image store is “network-friendly”; its image updates are compressed differentials, greatly reducing network utilization. Image stores can be placed close to users, so WAN traffic is minimized. Amazon S3 can be used as an image store to reach far-flung offices without deploying dedicated servers.

MokaFive Application Gateway allows mobile users to get updates without a VPN on their hosts.Mobile and home users will typically be off your corporate network. Application Gateway allows you to securely reach these users to issue updates, change policy settings, or even revoke or kill their MokaFive LivePC virtual desktops. Users receive these updates over any Internet connection, without requiring a VPN.

Enterprise management highlights:

  • 60+ granular policies allow you to control operations and security of virtual desktops.
  • Image versioning and rollback allows you to target users with a specific image version, or revert to a last-known-good version.
  • Active Directory (AD) integration allows you to leverage user passwords, group membership, and Group Policy control.
  • Granular, role-based access control allows you to safely enable image engineers, desktop administrators, report viewers and help desk staff.
  • Image store replicas allow you to reduce WAN congestion by bringing image updates to replica servers on local LANs.
  • Assignable image distribution points through AD groups or IP address.
  • Full APIs allow you to access all data and all controls through scripts or third party applications.
  • Java Messaging Service (JMS)-compliant message bus allows other applications to be notified of any activity, such as provisioning or deletion of virtual desktops.
  • Application Gateway allows users to receive image updates over any Internet connection—no VPN required.
  • Network monitoring support allows you to easily monitor MokaFive infrastructure components with standard monitoring tools.
  • Amazon S3 support allows you to efficiently distribute image updates to global locations without installing dedicated infrastructure.

Service provider management capabilities:
MokaFive provides additional features for service providers, in Service Provider Edition.

All enterprise features listed above, plus:

  • True multi-tenant architecture creates fully isolated, logically separate environments for new customers in seconds; each tenant receives their own console view.
  • Tenant control allows you to create, disable, enable or delete tenants.
  • Image sharing allows you to share a managed image to selected tenants, or let them upload their own private images.
  • Cross-tenant reporting lets you monitor activity.
  • Full APIs allow you to feed license information to your billing system, and access any other information.

MokaFive Security Capabilities
MokaFive has developed seven layers of security to protect corporate data and network access.

  • Built-in anti-virus scanning, powered by AVG® constantly monitors for keyloggers or screen scrapers.
  • Virtual desktop encapsulation keeps the virtual desktop completely independent of the host computer.
  • AES 256 encryption keeps data secure.
  • Tamper resistance and copy protection keeps the virtual desktop from being moved or edited.
  • AD and optional two-factor (RSA SecurID or PKI) authentication allows access to only authorized users.
  • Granular security policies gives IT full control.
  • Remote revoke or kill allows you to destroy lost or stolen devices.

Snapshot analysis

MokaFive has really enhanced and enlarged its management capabilities. Organizations seeking a tool to help in their Windows 7 migration or supporting a Windows environment on their MacIntosh systems would be well advised to learn more about what the company is doing.

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