MokaFive supports Intel's second generation Core™ vPro™ Processor Family

Improving levels of performance and security in virtual desktop environments
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

MokaFive recently told me that they were introducing support for Intel's second generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor Family. This should result in improved performance for virtual environments and improved levels of security. The improved levels of performance should make MokaFive's version of desktop virtualization more attractive to many organizations. The combination of MokaFive and Intel's tools should really help organizations considering a more virtualized environment.

What MokaFive has to way about this

MokaFive™, the virtual desktop management company, today announced that its products, including its upcoming BareMetal client hypervisor, will support the latest 2nd generation Intel Core vPro processors recently released by Intel (NASDAQ: INTC).

MokaFive transforms computing with a revolutionary approach that makes the desktop more secure, resilient and flexible. By separating the desktop from the device, MokaFive enables it to be centrally managed and secured yet played locally anywhere, anytime and on any device – even while users are offline – meeting the needs of IT professionals, managed service providers and an increasingly mobile workforce.

By running MokaFive solutions locally on computers leveraging the next-generation Intel microarchitecture, enterprises benefit from an incredible leap in processor performance and manageability. The combination of MokaFive and 2nd generation Intel Core vPro processors brings the desktop virtualization experience to an exciting new level.

Snapshot analysis

MokaFive has often figured prominently in my commentary and analysis of the trends in the desktop virtualization and management of virtual environments markets. The company, and its competitors, have been doing their best to help organizations understand the benefits of deploying virtual environments rather than simply offering staff members physically hosted desktop operating systems, applications and production environments. This includes the constant effort to keep up with the support being provided in high volume, industry standard microprocessors.

Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processor Family demonstrates that the company has been making great strides in adding features and functions into its desktop and server microprocessors to improve support for both virtualization and security. As an aside, some of this work is duplicating features offered on lower volume, single vendor processors from HP, IBM, Sun (now Oracle) others. The key difference is volume and the pricing leverage Intel's volume provides. Intel has the capability to make support of virtualized environments pervasive.

MokaFive's desktop virtual environment management technology can help organizations utilize systems based upon Intel's technology in efficient, reliable and manageable ways. I like the fact that MokaFive has considered the needs of users of both Windows and MacOS in the development of its products.

If your organization is considering embarking on the path to a virtualized client environment, MokaFive should be on your list.

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